March 13, 2014#

For the One in Miami


Perez Art Museum by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, and 1111 Lincoln Road by these same superstars. More about the art and design scene of Miami can be read in the latest issue of Frame.

In that heat, this all is looking pretty cool to me.

March 1, 2014#



The troublesome beauty, Elisabeth Taylor, in her Oscar gown, 1961. “I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions”. ET

February 26, 2014#


February 11, 2014#

For the upcoming Valentine´s Day – one of my old favorites where seven contestants have five minutes in Stanford University’s fMRI brain scanner to neurochemically love someone “as hard as they can”.

February 3, 2014#

“I Do Not Write, I Build”

Alvar Aalto, Architect.
Birthday boy of today, February 3rd (1898)

February 2, 2014#

On Sunday

January 28, 2014#

Bestie of Vancouver

bestie vancouver

Especially the leather shelving details are looking just swanky. For a video, click here,

January 26, 2014#

What a wonderful mechanical movie machine for that “inner movie maker / storyteller” within ourselves. Order here your very own FlipBooKit Moto.

January 25, 2014#

Gridded World


Thank you so much to my new friend I for hooking me up with this gridded world – simply loving the app. For this weekend, I wish inner warmth as it (still)  is very cold out there..

January 24, 2014#

Blossoming Wonderland


Here, please enjoy some color therapy with me: Set design for Dior, by Bureau Betak. Personally, I am *so* ready to skip this cold weather and head my heart for the spring.