January 28, 2014#

Bestie of Vancouver

bestie vancouver

Especially the leather shelving details are looking just swanky. For a video, click here,

January 26, 2014#

What a wonderful mechanical movie machine for that “inner movie maker / storyteller” within ourselves. Order here your very own FlipBooKit Moto.

January 25, 2014#

Gridded World


Thank you so much to my new friend I for hooking me up with this gridded world – simply loving the app. For this weekend, I wish inner warmth as it (still)  is very cold out there..

January 24, 2014#

Blossoming Wonderland


Here, please enjoy some color therapy with me: Set design for Dior, by Bureau Betak. Personally, I am *so* ready to skip this cold weather and head my heart for the spring.

January 23, 2014#

One To Follow


A new name to follow – want to have many of the designs delivered to my home – today. From Germany, Kaschkasch. Their website absolutely sucks, but please – don´t let that beat you as it is worth the trouble.

January 22, 2014#

The Strange Little Girl

January 22, 2014#

14 Henrietta Street, Dublin

January 21, 2014#

Smoldering Moments


Steve McQueen and his then-wife Neile Adams. LIFE archives / 1963

January 21, 2014#


January 20, 2014#

Poetic Photography


By Richard Tuschmantumblr_mzod6jDOWM1qz6f9yo1_500tumblr_mzod6jDOWM1qz6f9yo4_500