• Finland’s Permanent Representation in The European Union, Brussels

    Finland’s Permanent Representation in The European Union, Brussels

    Suomen pysyvä edustusto Euroopan unionissa For images, please visit Vivero (Suomen Belgian suurlähetystö ja EU-edustusto) or Tunto. My role was […]

  • Population Register Centre

    Population Register Centre

    We are not boring bureaucrats! Thinking backwards, that was pretty much the core of the brief […]

  • Currently I Work Here: Design Studio Koko3

    After a little bit more than 10 years, I got a nice call to come back […]

  • Adora Fair Stand

    Adora Fair Stand

    Once again – we do love those balloons! A bold and beautiful fair stand design for […]

  • Vekki Furniture

    Vekki Furniture

    Pleats pleats pleats (“vekki” in Finnish). An obsession of mine of one time, here the pleats […]

  • Stockmann Summer Terrace & Sushi Bar

    Stockmann Summer Terrace & Sushi Bar

    Cheers! Summer times! Meet you for a beer at the Stockmann terrace. And kampai – let´s grab some […]

  • Shanghai World Expo 2010

    Shanghai World Expo 2010

    As Monty Python put it: Finland, Finland, Finland, The country where I want to be, Pony trekking or […]

  • Iittala Christmas Campaigns

    Iittala Christmas Campaigns

    It was a hot summer, but, at the studio and in my heart, it was Christmas. […]

  • Cleantech Fair Stand

    Cleantech Fair Stand

    This fair stand design got me to Copenhagen, where it was part of the United Nations […]

  • Instrumentarium Retail

    Instrumentarium Retail

    Instrumentarium came to Muotohiomo for additional help with a store renewal, and brought along their own very […]

  • Think! Restaurant

    Think! Restaurant

    Here`s a few (poor quality) snapshots from an unfinished restaurant site. The restaurant is called THINK! and […]

  • Sugar and Spice

    Sugar and Spice

    As a little girl, I used to beg my mother, again and again, to ask me […]

  • Aalto University Restaurant

    Aalto University Restaurant

    The Aalto University restaurant project was especially nice, as it involved regular meetings with…

  • Keittiö.Net Retail

    Keittiö.Net Retail

    Anyone who knows me, knows my love for retail design…

  • Aalto University Office

    Aalto University Office

    **Hooray! As the Aalto University interior was picked to the Finnish Design Year Book 12-13. Niceness** […]

  • KVA Architects Fair

    KVA Architects Fair

    Had a very nice time working with KVA Architects (founded in 1964) and will be posting some project photos […]

  • Blue 1 Office

    Blue 1 Office

    I´m a travelling man. Youthful, fresh, yet very much about taking care of business — all […]

  • Nokia


    Working as the in-house spatial art director at the Nokia brand team, I had the opportunity […]

  • Skanno Retail

    Skanno Retail

    We live, we move, we renovate, we renew. This is why the idea of a metamorphosis […]

  • Anemone


    Inspired by the works of our mothers, Anemone combines hand-made lace with hand-blown glass. The power […]

  • Eurovision Song Contest

    Eurovision Song Contest

    A once in a lifetime opportunity! And, this was especially true in this case, as Finland […]

  • Lexia Office

    Lexia Office

    The interior tonality of this Finnish law firm, which specializes in both domestic and international business […]

  • Publicis Helsinki

    Publicis Helsinki

    Part of the Publics Group Worldwide, the Helsinki office hits the drums, deep in the jungle. […]

  • Ilo (joy)

    Ilo (joy)

    It is about the now. And, about the next. Mänttä Art Weeks invited us to fill […]

  • Mari


    I was not responsible for naming this furniture series, a series that includes a super-relaxing sofa […]

  • Kekkilä


    The Unelmapiha (Garden of Dreams) event had us team up, once again, with our friends at […]

  • Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts

    Come out and play, sang my childhood heroes. And, playfulness was definitely the order of the […]

  • NCC


    As one the biggest building companies in Finland, NCC builds nests for urbanites. Working off this […]

  • Leijuen (floating)

    Leijuen (floating)

    Why can´t it always be summer? Why can´t I always feel this light? This site-specific balloon […]

  • Eagels


    Lace jewellery inspired by the world of tattoos. Materials include hand-made lace and leather.     […]

  • Ninja


    Being under the spell of Japanese weapons, specifically throwing stars, the Ninja was inevitable. Sometimes, it […]